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Barefoot Events

Any course, conference, seminar, summit, or shindig that will help improve the knowledge and understanding of the wonderful beast that is the horse…

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Practical hoof trimming experience  - Nick Hill and Ralitsa Grancharova DVM, MRCVS

Date: By Arrangement


Whether you are a horse owner, a barefoot hoof trimmer, a veterinary professional, a farrier or are simply working with horses on a regular basis, you would have already come across different aspects of hoof care. Maybe you know a little bit but would like to expand your knowledge or maybe you work with horses’ hooves on a regular basis but would like to experience something different and gain more practice.

We don’t sell books, videos, equipment or horse feeds. We are all about gaining practical experience and skills in barefoot hoof trimming that you could use with your own horses or with your client’s equines. We discuss ideas and opinions openly. For us there could be no silly questions.

We are a team of a natural hoof care practitioner (Nick Hill) and an equine orientated veterinary surgeon (Ralitsa Grancharova DVM, MRCVS) that is based in Bulgaria. We work with horses, donkeys and mules on a daily basis providing medical treatment, dietary advice and hoof trimming.

What could you expect? The practical travelling and learning experience is reserved for those, who have already gained some experience in hoof trimming and natural hoof care but would like to find out more about some pathological conditions of the hoof and how to practically tackle them. You will be travelling with us on our rounds around Bulgaria, during which we examine, treat and trim horses’ hooves. You will see everything from straight forward trimming cases to pathologically deformed hooves. We will walk you through the process of bringing the equine back to equilibrium through treatment, diet, environmental changes and barefoot trimming. Amongst the regular clients there are always emergency cases that need our help, which you will be able to see and assess with us.

How it works We can take on one or two students at a time. We feel it is important for our clients and their horses that they have our undivided attention but also for our students to experience an atmosphere of learning where hands on is part of the training. You could spend between 3 and 7 days with us on the ground with 2 travel days. We will be travelling extensively around Bulgaria, spending each day in a different area of the country. The price includes three meals per day (all dietary requirements catered for) and accommodation. Travelling is done by car. Students pay for their own flight tickets to Bulgaria.

If you are less experienced We could also offer short courses for up to two people where we would introduce you to the basis of natural hoof care, expanding on anatomy, physiology, digestion and diet, environmental conditions and horse care. These days will be tailored to your individual needs. While still practical in nature, this type of training will involve much less travelling and will be mostly based around the ancient city of Veliko Tarnovo – the old capital of Bulgaria.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and prices. Dates for the rounds around the country are loosely set until the rest of the year.

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Saturday March 11th

Glastonbury, Somerset

If you would like to learn more about keeping your horses hooves healthy, find out about suitable nutrition and the benefits of varying surfaces on a paddock paradise type track system then this is the day for you. Plenty of opportunity to share ideas and spend time with like minded people throughout the day.

Garry Hinton is the facilitator on the day and is a qualified barefoot trimmer working with Hoofing Marvellous

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Sunday March 12th

Glastonbury, Somerset

Garry Hinton is the facilitator of this workshop. He is fully qualified in the fascinating subject of Applied Zoopharmacognosy having trained with “The Ingraham Academy of Applied Zoopharmacognosy” in Bristol UK.

Zoopharmacognosy is the study of how animals self medicate by foraging for plants and minerals with little or no nutritional value in order to maintain health or to treat or prevent disease.

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Lecture Demos and Discussion - Ashen EC

Sunday March 12th


If you’re one of the increasing number of horseowners concerned about modern training techniques and the effect on your horse’s emotional and physical welfare.
If you are concerned about the seeming increasing incidents of equine metabloic issues, stomach ulcers and digestive issues.
If you would like to understand more about your horse’s feet, teeth, saddle fit and saddle construction then this demo day is for you!

Admission by ticket only, advanced tickets from £20, on the door (if avail) £40.

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Healthy Land, Healthy Pasture, Healthy Horses - Equicentral

Friday 31st March

Wootton, Bedford

This talk by Jane Myers of Equicentral is for horse owners that either own their own land, lease land or keep their horse/s on livery (so that’s everyone!). These are just some of the things you will learn about:

• The differences between the free living (wild/feral) equine ‘lifestyle’ and the domestic equine ‘lifestyle’.
• Domestic grazing behaviour and how it affects management.
• The essential things that you need to know about pasture and grasses.
• All about MUD management.• Essential information about equines and obesity.
• How you can make changes to your horse management that will improve welfare, reduce costs, reduce your workload and be good for the land all at the same time.
• The Equicentral System (a horse welfare/good environmental management horse and land care system that is a win-win all round).
• And lots more…

Cost? £10.00 if you pre pay, £15 on the door.For tickets and more information contact TO ALL NOT JUST BHS MEMBERS

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Anatomy & Palpation - A Journey of Discovery - Whole Horse Health UK

Saturday April 22nd – Sunday April 23rd 2017

Dodderhill Equestrian, Droitwich

Raquel Butler Holistic Veterinarian and trained by Sharon May-Davis; one of the leading experts in her field is here to share her knowledge.This course is composed of scientific and evidence-based learning and gives you a good basic knowledge of the anatomy; skeletal, musculature, and much more.

These two days are looking at each horse individually. Each horse is unique, you will learn just how the different muscles on different horses feel, and vary enormously. By applying this knowledge and experience you can achieve better results in your treatment and/or care for horses in your care.

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Biomechanics - Whole Horse Health UK

Monday April 24th – Tuesday April 25th 2017

Dodderhill Equestrian, Droitwich

Biomechanics Workshop with Dr. Raquel Butler.
One of the most important tools you have in analysing the horse is your eyes and with your feel.This workshop is aimed at enhancing and developing your eye and understanding the correct biomechanics of the gaits and much much more.
This workshop is like no other - Raquel really brings a new vision, bringing Biomechanics alive, it is made fun and in a way you can't forget.

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Whole Horse Dissection - Whole Horse Health UK

Wednesday April 26th – Thursday April 27th 2017

Dodderhill Equestrian, Droitwich

Three day Dissection - with Sharon May-Davis.
This is a workshop not to be missed by ANYONE.. absolutely fantastic, an experience you will always remember.

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Healing on Dartmoor - Dartmoor Pony Training Centre

Sunday 18th June


The day will start with an introduction to the land and ponies (and each other), we will then retreat to the trees where I will guide you through a grounding meditation. There will be no set timetable for the day as it is much about going with the flow and energy but throughout the day you will experience the following (and more):

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