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Any course, conference, seminar, summit, or shindig that will help improve the knowledge and understanding of the wonderful beast that is the horse…

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Laminitis Warning Signs - Hoof Geek Academy - Debs Crosoer

Enrollment Opens: Wednesday 15th April

Course Starts: Monday 20th April


As a hoof care professional, I have supported many horse owners desperate to spare their horse suffering with laminitis.

So often I hear that the laminitis came out of nowhere, then we discuss a history that’s full of laminitis warning signs.

The horses were well cared for, but no-one realised that those little niggles could be a sign of inflammation. They were thought of as normal for that horse, or treated as entirely separate issue.

When I’ve surveyed horse owners about their biggest fear, I frequently get the answer ‘missing the signs of laminitis’.

This has inspired my mission to teach as many people as possible how to spot those early warning signs of low grade inflammation that would precede a serious laminitic event.

Except in extreme cases laminitis doesn’t come out of nowhere. There are often clues early on that a problem may be building. As the saying goes forewarned is forearmed. Laminitis can affect any horse, but catching it early dramatically improves the situation for you and your horse.

I’d love to be able to recommend a product you can paint on the hooves to make everything ok, but laminitis is an internal problem. Your horse relies on your knowledge, understanding and observation… Do you know what you’re looking for?

I’ve identified 35 different early warning signs that inflammation is affecting the hoof.

In this 6 week course I go through them all, explaining anatomy and function, what laminitis is, how it affects the horse and hooves. The warning signs, a simple set of checks you can do and ways in which to address the most common issues.

This course does not replace veterinary care. If your horse is suffering from an acute laminitic event right now, please call your vet.
This course is for people who want to learn more about how to spot and manage low grade symptoms.

I can’t give you advice specific to your horse, what I hope to do is increase your knowledge and understanding so you can feel more confident in the decisions you make to provide the best care possible for your horse.


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The Healthy Horse: Feeding & Nutrition - Hoof Geek Academy - Debs Crosoer

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It's easy to see why diet is so important. The body is always regenerating, it needs good nutrition to be able to build healthy cells. Nutrition is such a confusing subject though!

There's so much advice, and so many different choices, how are you ever supposed to figure out what's right for your horse?

It can be really difficult to figure out what you should do when it comes to your horse's diet. 

It's really confusing, and really stressful trying to decide what to do for the best. It feels like you'd need a degree before you know what's right.

I can't give you a degree, and you probably don't want one... You just want to know what your horse needs.

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Hoof Health Laid Bare Course - Hoof Geek Academy - Debs Crosoer

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The Hoof Health Laid Bare course takes the big puzzle that is whole horse hoof health and presents one small piece of that puzzle at a time.

Once you understand each puzzle piece you will be able to put the jigsaw together to see the whole picture with far greater clarity and new insight.

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Tomas Teskey D.V.M. Holistic Equine Health Clinic - The Healthy Happy Horse Connection and Gawsworth Track Livery

Date: 14th - 15th November 2020

Gawsworth - Cheshire UK

The Healthy Happy Horse Connection (HHHC) is very proud to present a 2 day clinic with Tomas Teskey D.V.M. author of "Insight to Equus - Holistic Veterinary Perspectives on Health and Healing".

Tomas's holistic horse centric approach really aligns with everything the HHHC stands for and being able to bring his knowledge to the UK in a clinic setting is a real privilege. Tomas is not only incredibly knowledgeable but is also an extremely engaging presenter so this will be a wonderful 2 days, limited to just 25 places to keep it intimate.

To make this event even better, the second day *will be hosted at the fantastic Gawsworth Track Livery by Bethan and Dan. Day one will be located in Gawsworth village hall in Cheshire.

Day one will cover the following topics:
* Philosophy of Holistic Care (developing Partnership and providing what the horses need to heal instead of becoming overwhelmed and micromanaging everything)
* Natural hoof Care (trim philosophy and techniques, boots and pads, eye-training for normal / abnormal anatomy and a dissection demo. nerve function, laminitis, heel and navicular issues and more.
* Nutritional Highlights
* Environmental Considerations including habitat construction, providing for movement and herbs for horses.
* Dentistry basics - balancing all the teeth including the incisors - studying teeth, feet and body connections.
* And more !

Day two will be based at Gawsworth Track Livery and will allow a guided look at the track then practical demonstrations from Tomas on some of the topics covered in day 1.
* Bodywork
* Trimming
* Dentistry

Tickets cost £250 for the weekend.
Drinks and light refreshments will be included.

Additional Info about Tomas is available from his website 

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Practical hoof trimming experience  - Nick Hill and Ralitsa Grancharova DVM, MRCVS

Date: By Arrangement


Whether you are a horse owner, a barefoot hoof trimmer, a veterinary professional, a farrier or are simply working with horses on a regular basis, you would have already come across different aspects of hoof care. Maybe you know a little bit but would like to expand your knowledge or maybe you work with horses’ hooves on a regular basis but would like to experience something different and gain more practice.

We don’t sell books, videos, equipment or horse feeds. We are all about gaining practical experience and skills in barefoot hoof trimming that you could use with your own horses or with your client’s equines. We discuss ideas and opinions openly. For us there could be no silly questions.

We are a team of a natural hoof care practitioner (Nick Hill) and an equine orientated veterinary surgeon (Ralitsa Grancharova DVM, MRCVS) that is based in Bulgaria. We work with horses, donkeys and mules on a daily basis providing medical treatment, dietary advice and hoof trimming.

What could you expect? The practical travelling and learning experience is reserved for those, who have already gained some experience in hoof trimming and natural hoof care but would like to find out more about some pathological conditions of the hoof and how to practically tackle them. You will be travelling with us on our rounds around Bulgaria, during which we examine, treat and trim horses’ hooves. You will see everything from straight forward trimming cases to pathologically deformed hooves. We will walk you through the process of bringing the equine back to equilibrium through treatment, diet, environmental changes and barefoot trimming. Amongst the regular clients there are always emergency cases that need our help, which you will be able to see and assess with us.

How it works We can take on one or two students at a time. We feel it is important for our clients and their horses that they have our undivided attention but also for our students to experience an atmosphere of learning where hands on is part of the training. You could spend between 3 and 7 days with us on the ground with 2 travel days. We will be travelling extensively around Bulgaria, spending each day in a different area of the country. The price includes three meals per day (all dietary requirements catered for) and accommodation. Travelling is done by car. Students pay for their own flight tickets to Bulgaria.

If you are less experienced We could also offer short courses for up to two people where we would introduce you to the basis of natural hoof care, expanding on anatomy, physiology, digestion and diet, environmental conditions and horse care. These days will be tailored to your individual needs. While still practical in nature, this type of training will involve much less travelling and will be mostly based around the ancient city of Veliko Tarnovo – the old capital of Bulgaria.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and prices. Dates for the rounds around the country are loosely set until the rest of the year.

Contact Nick nickhill984@gmail.com