Bodyworker Form

If you want your details on this site, as long as the services you’re offering are barefoot friendly in some way, I’m delighted to include you.  It’s completely free for listings and users, I don’t charge anyone. With that in mind, please use the form below as it saves me a lot of time and energy.


A Qualification is a course that required an exam or assessment to complete. Please give the NAME of the qualification and a website link to where details of that qualification can be found. If you don’t know the name of the qualification, then I certainly don’t. (ie. degree of veterinary science)

A Professional Membership is an organisation that has entry requirements and holds you to a code of conduct. They have a complaints procedure. Please give a link to your listing, and check you are listed. If you’re not listed and should be take it up with the professional body! (ie member of RCVS)

A School is the company who taught the qualification. (ie studied at Edinburgh University)

Other Educations and CPD is, for the purposes of this website, any other study, lectures, shadowing, mentoring, or whatever you want to add. If you’ve done courses that didn’t have a qualification – they go here. If you have qualifications that aren’t directly related to your field but want to mention them, they go here.

The goal of this website is to lay these details out clearly so owners can understand what they’re getting. You’re the professional, you should if you don’t understand what your education is. I don’t want to seem mean but OMG! I’ve spent so many hours of my life trying to make sense of this.

Essentially, what I’m saying is, you need to spend some time and effort filling in the form, so I can post the details. I don’t see why I should spend longer on this than you do.

Make sure you check your own spelling etc, I will post whatever you send me (within the bounds of decency of course!).
Make sure it’s accurate, your links are correct, and you’ve actually given me the right name of the association you belong to or the school you studied with.
Emails that say ‘I’m too busy, go to my website and take what you need’ are not cool!
You are responsible for the accuracy of your info, make sure it’s right, and let me know if it isn’t.
Submitting your details is confirmation that you agree with the above.

I respond to every submission I get, and I’ll tell you when your details have been put up, so if you’ve sent me something and not heard back, please get in touch so we can sort it out 🙂
I try and get updates done once a week, but I am doing all this in my spare time, so I don’t guarantee anything other than I’m doing my best.