Hoof Boot Suppliers

All these UK Based online shops are able to supply and advise on hoof boots. It could also be worth speaking to your hoof care provider, as they will be best placed to advise you and may be able to supply them too.

As always with everything on Barefoot Horse Info, this is just a list of places to buy from, not a recommendation.

Equine Podiatry Supplies has been trading in boots, pads and topical treatments for over 10 years and owner Justine has a broad depth of experience with barefoot horses.

She gives practical sensible advice and is happy to help with choosing the correct boots for your horse.


Hoof Bootique

Hoof Bootique is a specialised site supplying hoof boots and more, to help you and your horse succeed barefoot.

We can help guide you throughout the entire process, from accurately measuring your horse’s hooves for the optimum hoof boot fit, to choosing, purchasing, using and maintaining your hoof boots. Boots are even available to hire, so you can try before you buy, and many Fit Kits are also available for hire. We often have second-hand boots for sale and can help you re-home any unwanted boots.


Online Equine are dedicated to helping horse owners keep their barefoot horse happy & healthy. They are stockists of Easycare, Scoot Boot, Cavallo & Equine Fusion Hoof Boots

They also carry a range of hoofcare tools from Save Edge, Heller, Vallorbe & many other leading brands


The Saddlery Shop has been selling and advising about hoof boots since 2006, and holds the largest stocks of boots in the UK.

Free advice is available from our booting experts, who include Lucy Nicholas; author of "The Barefoot Horse".

A wide range of hoof boots are available to hire and buy with free standard or next day delivery.


Urban Horse Bringing A Natural Balance Back To Horse And Rider!

Urban Horse specialise in providing a complete natural product range for the Barefoot and Bitless Horse and Rider. Including a complete range of hoof boots, bitless bridles and natural horsemanship equipment.

Urban Horse offers exceptional quality products at very low prices and with quick delivery! Plus all Urban Horse supplies are supported by a no-hassle returns policy!

For all barefoot / bitless and horse related expert advice please call - 01434 422700 or email sales@urbanhorse.com