Barefoot Horse Info, is as the name suggests, an information resource to find a barefoot trimmer and for anyone interested in barefoot horses.

For years it’s been somewhat challenging to find out what was what.  Finding out about different trimming methods and styles wasn’t as easy as it sounds.  Add to that the range of different training available to trimmers, and different registration bodies, and the water was definitely a little muddy!

If you didn’t know what you were looking for, it was a bit hit and miss as to whether you could find it.

It’s been a big complaint from a lot of people both new to keeping horses barefoot and the more experienced, that there wasn’t one website you could go to, to get information.  I decided to see if I could do something about that and created Barefoot Horse Info.

What this site is:

  • An information resource
  • A list of UK based barefoot trimmers
  • A list of training providers
  • A way to find out more about the trimming courses a practitioner has attended
  • A place to find information on the professional registration bodies in the UK
  • Completely independent
  • Free to use and to be listed
  • A resource for anything barefoot related

What this site is NOT:

  • A recommendation service
  • A professional body, association, group, or training organisation
  • An advertising service
  • Affiliated to any method, school or association

Anyone who offers trimming services in the UK can be listed on the site.  It’s entirely up to you; the owner, to decide which professional is right for you and to verify if the information they are giving is correct.  Just as it would be for a riding instructor, saddler, body worker or any other professional you hire.

Each profile is written by the person or organisation that it features.  It’s not written by Barefoot Horse Info.  They maintain their copyrights on information there, and responsibility for any inaccuracies in the information provided.

I’ve taken every reasonable care to insure the information listed here is correct, but I can’t guarantee it, so please confirm anything that you may rely on or is important to you, with the individual or organisation concerned.