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Here is a list of trimmers based on the school they studied with.  If you know of any that are missing, please ask them to contact me with their details and I’ll gladly include them.


The listing of trimmers, schools or qualifications on this site is neither approval nor recommendation.  It’s simply to provide you with a way to find information so you can make your own decision

UK National Hoof Care Professionals



Equine Podiatry Training



International Institute of Equine Podiatry


  • Deane Roberts

    I am happy to work with any size or breed of horse and horses that are foot shy
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  • Debs Crosoer barefoot trimmer

    Debs Crosoer

    Offers barefoot trimming, nutritional advice, corrective and rehabiliative exercises. Full support and advice provided.
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  • Jayne Hunt

    I have worked both in the UK and abroad and train as well as practice. I am a Director of Equine Podiatry Training Ltd which provides the most comprehensive non-farriery hoofcare course available today.
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  • Jo Clark

    © Copyright 2016 Jo Clark
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  • Paula Mayne

    I cover Notts, South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire, but I'm not taking on new clients at this time.
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  • Richard Vialls

    It's Important to look at the whole horse, not just the feet.
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School of Barehoof Strategy



Liberated Horsemanship



Institute for the Study of Natural Horse Care Practices

  • Georgie Harrison

    Georgie Harrison

    I found the world of barefoot 3 years ago
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  • Sophie Bennetts

    In 2012 I started with the AANHCP training program and am now an SP with them. I am based down in Cornwall with a growing herd of horses who have been living on a track system since 2010.
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Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices



Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry


Equine Sciences Academy


Barefoot Farriers