Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown
: Dorset: 0797 173 870: andrew@happyhoofhappyhorse.co.uk: http://www.happyhoofhappyhorse.co.uk: Farrier AFCL: FRC


My name is Andrew Brown – I am Dorset’s highest qualified and most experienced master barefoot trimmer.

I am an associate fellow of the company of London – there are only thirty five people in the world who hold this qualification.

I am qualified, registered and insured.

I have been working with horses feet for forty four years and I remain as passionate about it as ever!


Barefoot Farrier (1976)



Area Covered

Dorset- mainly east, south and north.

Further Education

I have also been a National champion and placed in world championships in Calgary in horse hoof welfare.
I have qualifications in training,coaching and have set national training standards.

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