Ann Cooper

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Applied Equine Podiatry – The conscientious study of the equine foot, always striving to expose it to the proper environmental stimuli, making every effort to promote proper structure and function, as we attempt to achieve high performance. It is accepting the fact that the horse has the innate ability to heal itself and that the act of domestication has caused imbalance and broken the golden rule of ‘Do No Harm’

DAEP – Degreed Applied Equine Podiatrist – have the desire to excel in their profession

I achieved my Diploma in March 2011 and now have gone on to study for my next Level II Diploma.


DAEP (2011)



Area Covered

North Wales – Porthmadog, Caernarfon, Conway, Angelsey

Further Education

CPD completed every year with the Institute of Applied Equine Podiatry

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