Naomi Garner

: Exmouth, Devon: 07521 402 584: bareremedyep@hotmail.com: http://www.bareremedyequinepodiatry.co.uk: EPT Student


I’m Naomi Garner, I am a barefoot trimmer and student Equine Podiatrist.

I currently have a very mixed client base, everything from the tiniest shetlands to French draughts and Suffolk Punches and still have room to take on a few more.

Due to my background in Equine Behaviour I am quiet and patient with my trimming, working with lots of nervous rescues as well as horses with physical discomfort.

I can work closely with your vet and other professionals for pathologies such as Laminitis and Navicular, supporting the whole horse with advice on nutrition, environment and welfare.


EPT Student



Area Covered

I am based in East Devon, currently covering Devon, parts of West Dorset, South Somerset and Eastern Cornwall

Further Education

I have a keen interest in Equine Behaviour, working closely with known Behaviourists in the area as well as my own work.
I have taken a few Behaviour courses and plan to take more as part of my CPD requirements.


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