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I got into barefoot as a last resort several years ago when my fell pony got laminitis and 3 farriers and two vets walked away and couldn’t wouldn’t help me.  I used a AANHCP trimmer in desperation and haven’t looked back.  My fell pony is now 24 and sound barefoot over the majority of surfaces with the exception of hard forest tracks where we wear boots.

Dare2bebarefoot is a small Natural Hoof Care Company based on the border between Scotland and England.  We specialise in natural hoof and horse care based on the “wild horse model” developed by Jaime Jackson.  This model incorporate’s whats called the “four pillars of natural horse care.”

The “Four Pillars” of Natural Hoof Care:
1. A Natural Trim – The trim mimics natural wear patterns, which triggers more natural growth patterns in the hoof. To do this the natural trim needs to be applied every six weeks.
2. Natural Boarding – Outdoors, herd life, lots of movement  a paddock paradise would be ideal.     
3. Reasonably Natural Diet – Free-choice dry grass hay (low carb), spread far apart to stimulate horses to move more. A natural salt lick and mineral block.  Limited or no access to grass and a low sugar diet is important.
4. Natural Riding – Facilitate the horse’s natural gaits.
As well as applying the natural trim dare2bebarefoot can support and assist horse owners with ideas on Natural boarding and creating and designing a paddock paradise suited to the horse and owners needs.


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