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Liberated Horsemanship, LLC Hoof Care Training and Certification program was launched in 2009 with Ann Corso, MHCP (Master Hoof Care Professional) as Director. The program is based on proven principles of trimming and horse care practices that promote hoof health.

Liberated Hoof Care Training and Certification Programs are designed for beginners, experienced hoof care professionals, and all experience levels in between. Many non-professional horse owners attend our program, either to equip themselves to personally take over the care of their horse’s hooves or just to gain the knowledge and understanding to evaluate their horses’ hooves. Some horse owners may not ever trim another hoof outside the clinic. But it is not unusual for others to get “hooked” while attending a clinic and then enthusiastically continue on to certification and a new full or part-time career.

No matter what your knowledge level is, our hoof care training programs begin with the Gateway to Hoof Care Clinic (GC Clinic). Two GC Clinics are scheduled each year: One in the United States and one in Europe (see schedule below). The GC Clinic is a five day event. Each day is divided into classroom lectures on topics such as hoof anatomy and factors that affect hoof health followed by supervised coaching of hands-on trimming using cadaver hooves. We make sure participants can trim cadaver hooves competently before giving them a green light to trim live horses.

Following completion of the Gateway Clinic, students are encouraged to spend time in field instruction. The focus of field instruction is to help students translate what they have learned in the GC clinic and build upon it working with live horses under the supervision of our highly qualified field instructors in the United States and Europe. During field instruction students are coached about safety around horses, trimming technique, tool use and care, as well as best business practices for those interested in a career in hoof care.

Those who wish to become professionals are strongly encouraged to complete the certification program. The certification process includes a field evaluation of a minimum of five horses that have been in the candidate’s care for at least three trim cycles, along with first-hand observations of the candidate’s trimming practices and interactions with clients. We do not certify based on photos, videos, or cadaver hoof trimming.

The certification credential, Certified Hoof Care Professional (CHCP), is evidence that the candidate has demonstrated solid understanding of the trimming principles taught by our clinicians and field instructors and is sufficiently skilled to trim for clients. Once earned the CHCP credential cannot be rescinded.

Post certification hoof care professionals are encouraged to participate in Liberated Horsemanship, LLC continuing education events. These events are intended to broaden and deepen knowledge about horse and hoof care issues and concerns. Liberated Horsemanship, LLC offers a second credential, Master Hoof Care Professional (MHCP), for experienced trimmers who demonstrate a commitment to continuing education.

Our field instructors and clinicians are chosen very carefully. Quality is never compromised for quantity. An individual has to be exceptional to be considered for a teaching position. They have to be highly skilled with an in-depth knowledge of pertinent information. They also have to be articulate—able to communicate in-depth information in understandable terms. They must be enthusiastic about teaching and personable—able to create a friendly welcoming atmosphere conducive to learning and individual growth. Finally, they must be caring and dedicated to kind and gentle treatment of horses. Without exception, all of our instructors are experienced certified hoof care professionals who are well equipped to guide students toward the highest level of hoof care skill and knowledge.

Our students also gain a well-rounded, deep appreciation of the importance of horse care and use factors to hoof health through lectures on diverse hoof and horse health-related topics in the GC Clinic or our Advanced Topic and Continuing Education Courses given by LH Faculty, which includes veterinarians, university professors and other experts. LH also routinely invites notable authorities, including veterinarians and scientists, to talk about special horse and hoof care-related subjects.

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