Nick Hill and Ralitsa Grancharova, DVM, MRCVS

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Ralitsa Grancharova, DVM, MRCVS

My name is Ralitsa Grancharova and I am an equine veterinary surgeon. I graduated from the Trakia University in Bulgaria in 2013. I gained a large portion of my experience in Equine medicine in the Equine clinics of the veterinary universities in Hannover and Giessen in Germany. After graduation I worked as an equine veterinarian at the state owned stud farm “Kabiuk” in Bulgaria, which houses more than 600 horses.
Since 2014 after completing field training with Nick Hill in Bulgaria and Scotland I started practicing natural hoof care. Presently hoof care and hoof pathologies are a huge part of my practise.
I started practising equine dental care in 2016. My preferred tools are hand held and I try, for the most part, to use natural horsemanship in my work.
​In 2017 I qualified as a Veterinary acupuncturist with the Chi Institute of Madrid. In 2018 I proceeded to acquire more training in the area of TCVM by specialising in Equine Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.
Today as part of “V&T Equine Services” I have the opportunity to fulfil a long term dream – working as a holistic veterinary surgeon.

Nick Hill

I am a natural hoofcare practitioner. My training started with the use of shoes for horses in June 2003 when I began working alongside qualified FRC farriers who taught me the Cytek method. I was a farrier with Cytek until 2006, when my training suddenly took a drastic turn because my feelings about hoof care resonated with Jaime Jackson’s work and research on wild horses. In March of the same year I started training with the AANHCP training programme. Besides Jaime my other mentors included Todd Jaynes and Richard Dewry. My training did’t stop there – I proceeded to travel and shadow other practitioners around Europe (Italy, France and UK). In 2009 I accepted placement in the Board of directors for the AANHCP alongside Jaime Jackson, Bruce Nock, Ann Corso and Richard Dewry.
Presently I am a registered instructor with Liberated Horsemanship.
I have travelled around Europe, Africa, America, and Israel holding clinics, teaching other professionals and horse owners to hopefully understand a different way of managing and maintaining their equines.
“V&T Equine Services” aims to help anyone in the world through holding clinics and education. 


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