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Hi everyone, the first thing I would like to share with you about myself is the most important and that is, I love all animals. I have always had a deep affinity with all creatures sharing our planet. When I was a child, I even tried to make a wheelchair for an injured mouse my father had found in our shed, something which my mother still teases me about today. I have always seemed to be at ease with prey animals and when my daughter started riding at the age of four, I, like many others fell in love with these wonderful creatures. Five years ago I decided to become a Holistic Hoof Care Provider and I have been professional now since June 2016. I started studying with the Equine Science Academy on a degree course run by one of the world’s best hoof care provider Cindy Sullivan a native American Indian from Georgia. I am very proud to be the first in the UK and one of a few people in the world to achieve this qualification. It’s considered to be the most comprehensive hoof care program anywhere and prepared myself to give something back to these wonderful animals that have changed my life so profoundly.

Back in 2012, I had been searching for an answer to my own horse’s repeated abscessing issue and I came across natural hoof care. I started to read a blog from an ex-film producer called Joe Camp a fellow barefoot advocate, articles from Veterinarian Thomas Taskey and after a while, I came across an ex Farrier turn Barefoot Hoof Care Provider Pete Ramey. You just know when something makes sense and is right and at this point, I was hooked. Meanwhile, my daughter’s horse was having major issues caused by shoeing. We employed a Barefoot expert and I was blown away by the improvement in all our horses, so much so I had found my calling.

My career before this was not working with animals. I enjoyed 25 years in Software Development at Britannia Building Society and Bet365, nevertheless, in January 2015 I had an opportunity and I gave up this lucrative career to follow my dreams. I truly believe that I grasped this moment because I wanted to make a difference and contribute to making this world a better place for horses.

From software to hoof care as one of my Facebook friends aptly put it.


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