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Hello! I am a fully qualified Equine Podiatrist, a full member of the Equine Podiatry Association and completed the UK Diploma with Equine Podiatry Training Ltd.

I’ve kept horses for 30 years, and kept my pony of a lifetime barefoot successfully. My next horse was a happy hacker who, upon removing his shoes, turned out to have soles like trampolines and came down with a serious case of laminitis in the middle of winter after eating acorns. My farrier of 25 years told me he could make my horse comfortable by putting shoes on but recommended I employ a genuine Equine Podiatrist who could address the cause, and help me to repair the damage from the inside. This one comment opened up a whole new world to my horse and I, and unable to find anyone locally to help us I began a journey deeper into the cause and resolution to my horse’s laminitis – And so began my career in Equine Podiatry.

I think it’s pretty important to understand that being an EP isnt just about trimming hooves. The bigger picture encompasses diet, environment, workload, and a long list of other contributing factors which can and do reflect in the feet. I’m trained to help my clients with each aspect and am happy to work with you to optimise the health of your horse.

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Area Covered

Based in Warwickshire I cover a 30 mile radius of Kenilworth.

This includes Solihull, South Birmingham, Coleshill, Tamworth, Nuneaton and Hinckley. I also cover parts of Northants, and most of Leicestershire

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