Camilla Agnaess

Camilla Agnaess
: Wokingham, Berkshire: 07926 824 386: camilla@barehooftrimmer.com: http://www.barehooftrimmer.com: Barehoof Strategy: Independent


I am a barehoof trimmer caring for the individual horse and owner, with a reliable service available for new and existing clients in the South East of England.

I trim after Dan Guerreras method of Barehoof Strategy, which is a gentle and non invasive trim. Our belief is that a good trim is mostly about what to leave on to keep the individual hoof in balance and free from disease, rather than how much to take off it when trimming.

My passion for Natural Horsemanship is what makes my service different from many traditional hoof care providers. By providing a friendly, calm and patient approach, I can work with all individuals of horses without using force.

Patience is the key, and by giving each individual horse the time it takes to get the job done, even overcoming fear or behaviour issues, the result is a safe, calm and happy horse with balanced and disease free hooves, and happy owners!


Barehoof Strategy (2012)



Area Covered

Berkshire and
surrounding counties.
Willing to travel.

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