Ruth Levy-So

Ruth Levy-So
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I have been trimming horses since 2003 and qualified as a DAEP in Jan 2006. I attended two level 2 advanced AEP courses where I studied foot pathologies and X Ray interpretations.

I have successfully transitioned many barefoot horses to soundness and carried out remedial barefoot work with laminitis and other hoof and lameness problems.

I advise on hoof and horse health generally. I am a horsemanship coach and an avid trail rider.

I have 4 barefoot horses and ride 3 of different breeds over all terrains. I now specialise in supporting owner trimmers and remedial Hoofcare .


IAEP (2006)



Area Covered

France (32, 64, 65)

Further Education

Level 2 AEP
BHS trail ride leader
Kundalini yoga teacher
Polynesian massage practitioner

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