Sarah Leggett

: Isle of Mull, ARGYLL: 07881 807 524: sarah.leggett@yahoo.co.uk: http://www.equinepodiatrybysarahleggett.wordpress.com: DEP: EPA

About Sarah Leggett

I began training with the Equine Podiatry Association in 2012. My hoof interest started at a young age, when my first horse got Navicular.

I live on The Isle of Mull with my partner and 2 children. We have 2 horses, a fell and a highland.

I’m looking to help on the Islands with hoofcare, living on an island myself I understand the difficulties it can have.
I am open to new areas if there is a need for an Equine Podiatrist there.


EPT (2015)



Area Covered

Argyll & Bute
Perth & Kinross

Further Education

I work closely with Bonny Mealand a fellow EP.

Have regular clinics with our local natural horsemanship trainer Shuna Shaw, who helps with any behavioural issues if needed.

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