Nick Vincent

: Cardiff: 07986 960 987: nick.vincent@yahoo.co.uk: DAEP: EPA (UK)



I am a part time EP working weekends and evenings when daylight permits.

I am always happy to discuss options relating to hoof-care and general horse health in conjunction with veterinary and other equine professionals.

I pride myself on my ability to work sympathetically with horses that have physical or emotional issues and take great pleasure in seeing improvements to a horse’s well-being as a result.

I do not provide owner training but I am a strong supporter of owner education and am available to provide practical help, advice and information to individuals and groups.


DAEP (2006)



Area Covered

South Wales – approx. 25 mile radius of Cardiff

Further Education

My initial training was with KC La Pierre but in the eight years since qualifying I have furthered my education across a range of topics and with some of the foremost researchers and educators in the fields of equine and veterinary study.

I continue to learn on a daily basis with my greatest teachers being the horses themselves.

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