Maaike Boshuis

: Isle of Man: +44 7624 404 393: maaikeboshuis@manx.net: http://helpwithhooves.com: Barehoof Strategy Graduated Nov 2019: Independent


My name is Maaike and originally I’m from Holland but now living on Isle of Man. My passion for hooves started with my own Thoroughbred Harvey. I would like to be a part of the islands equine welfare and help horses be more comfortable on their feet. I especially have an interest in pathologies!

I have experience with the Warwick Schiller horsemanship program and at Barehoof Strategy we learn to use the Parelli principles because of the teachers background (4 years at the Parelli farm as hoof care provider). I rather work with the horse instead of on the horse, because in the end, the horse is my client!


Barehoof Strategy
Graduated Nov 2019



Area Covered

Isle of Man, The Netherlands

Further Education

Three independent hoof clinics from before I started my training at Barehoof Strategy, plus two years of reading books, watching hoof dvd’s, learning from tons of Facebook posts and trimming my own Thoroughbred.


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