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nia Cooke
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I started on the barefoot journey because of my mares behavioural issues. She was a rescue case. Milly was impossible to shoe without sedation, so I decided to keep her barefoot whilst getting her used to having her feet handled, initially with every intention of getting the farrier back to put shoes on once she was trained, and happy to have her feet handled by a stranger. But she did so well without shoes, that I have never looked back.

I eventually found an EP, and that approach meant that I started learning really interesting stuff about hooves, and how pretty much everything we do with our horses influences their hoof shape and condition. Over time, my interest in all things hoofy grew and grew….

I was a Chartered Management Accountant for many years, but in 2011 finally made the decision to focus on hooves full time. I am now passionate about helping owners and their horses achieve improved hoof health, and as a happy by-product, overall healthier horses.

I’m currently Secretary of the Equine Podiatry Association UK, which is a handy mix of my present and previous careers and I very much enjoy developing Equine Podiatry as a Practice and an Industry.


Equine Podiatry Training (2013)



Area Covered


Shropshire borders

Further Education

The Equine Podiatry Conference – 2014
Animal Behaviour – The University of Melbourne via Coursera MOOC – 2014
Animal Behaviour and Welfare – The University of Ediburgh via Coursera MOOC  – 2014
Data Management for Clinical Research – Vanderbilt University via Coursera MOOC  – 2014
Equine Nutrition – The University of Edinburgh via Coursera MOOC – 2013
Working with Equine Behaviour Workshop (Ben Hart) – 2008
Balancing the Art and Science of Horsemanship (Ben Hart) – 2008

Chartered Institute of Management Accounting 2007
Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting 2005
Association of Accounting Technicians 2002
NVQ in Customer Services 2001

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