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I started training as an Equine Podiatrist back in 2006 after having numerous horses with hoof problems that appeared to be unresolvable through traditional techniques.

Once qualified, I started to receive phone calls from people asking me to help them with their horses feet; I now run a busy practice covering all of East Anglia and beyond!

I attend as many CPD events per year as possible and try and spread these over as many different areas as possible from other hoof trimming techniques to saddle fitting and rider biomechanics. I believe that this allows me to provide as holistic a service as possible and ensures that I am kept current with changing techniques and new advances in hoof care.

I have a keen interest in equine biomechanics and how posture, conformation, and rider impact on hoof health. My experience had led me to conclude that this is frequently misunderstood in relation to hoof care as most hoof problems are caused by the above, not the other way round! By addressing the body, this will allow broader understanding of why a certain type of hoof is produced and trimming alone will not resolve common issues.

A large proportion of my work is referral; returning horses to soundness where all other options have been exhausted. This is extremely rewarding for me as often I am the last hope for the horse and owner.

I have a broad scope of horses on by books from retired best friends, through to top performance level horses competing at a multitude of disciplines. Regardless of your aims and ambitions, I believe that every horse deserves to have the very best in hoof care and I will endeavour to ensure that every horse receives this.

I will often recommend additional alternative therapies to ensure the owner receives as much information and the best possible chance of success.

I have gained the respect and trust of many other professionals within my catchment area including well respected Veterinary Surgeons, and am happy to work alongside anyone interested in helping achieve the best possible outcome for the horse.

In my spare time I enjoy studying equine behaviour and train as often as possible with great horsemen such as David Stuart and Martin Black.


DAEP (2007)



Area Covered

Main Area – Norfolk, Cambridgeshire

Also – Suffolk, Essex, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire

I am willing to travel to any area for 6+ horses on the same yard/ within close proximity of each other. Please contact me for further details

Further Education

Equine Body worker –IEBWA (Equine Energy)

Equine Bowen Therapist

ELPO (Equine Lameness Prevention Organisation)


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