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I qualified as a DEP in August 2016 – but the learning doesn’t stop here! I am always in pursuit of a greater understanding of what lies within the horses hoof, and for better ways to help clients at all types of yards and with all types of horses and ponies achieve healthier hooves.

Together with my UKNHCP colleague Jane Stevens, I can offer hoof boot measuring and assistance services in addition to trimming and hoof care advice.  Jane and I work together to combine our knowledge and geographical coverage in Devon to offer “Barefoot Forward” services and we are more than happy to liaise with your vet and other associated horse care professionals where appropriate to achieve the best plan of action for you and your horse.

I live in Mid Devon with two barefoot horses and I enjoy hacking out whenever I get the chance.  When I am not trimming I enjoy writing, my second equestrian themed novel is being published in September 2016.  I have a background in project management and I also enjoy logo design, branding, and website creation for small businesses.

I am passionate about hoof health and enjoy attending courses for CPD and to increase my knowledge wherever possible.


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