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Barefoot Friendly Livery Yards Northern Ireland

Any UK based barefoot friendly livery yard is welcome to be listed on this website.  The listing of yards on this site is neither approval nor recommendation.  It’s simply to provide you with a way to find information so you can make your own decision.

Natural, Track and Barefoot Friendly Livery Yards are all welcome on this page.

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Lagan Bank Lodge

Contact: Chris Barker

Location: Nr Dromore Co Down

​​We have created a horse track environment allowing our barefoot horses to live out together as a herd 365 days per year. Constant access to hay and limited grass grazing helps to maintain the condition of their barefoot hooves and reduce risk of laminitis, while continuous freedom of movement and contact with other horses mimics the natural horse environment and reduces stress and behavioural problems for the horse. Based on the research carried out on wild mustang herds by Jaime Jackson detailed in his book Paddock Paradise