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I am an Equinenergy Equine Body Worker Level 2. I have owned my own horses for over 30 years and have worked as a bodyworker for 15 years, since 2001. I am qualified in hypnotherapy and sports coaching to work with unconfident riders, teaching the classical seat to give riders security and to build confidence in the saddle. I also run a yoga for the equestrian workshop to help build suppleness and strength in the saddle alongside the classical seat work.

I work holistically with the rider/owner and horse working alongside fellow professionals such as your vet, trimmer and trainer to provide the best way forward for you equine friend.


EEBW 2 (Equinenergy Equine Body Worker level 2)



Area Covered

Scottish Borders, Northern England, Southern Scotland. I will consider travelling further.

Further Education

For the horse:
EEBW 2 (Equinenergy Equine Body Worker level 2) www.equinenergy.com
•Equine Touch Practitioner
•Equine Body Worker (Debranne Pattillio)
•Advanced Equine Massage (Debranne Pattillio)
•Principles of Equine Dentistry (Lucy Smith C/EqDt)
•Equine Stretching and Rehabilitation Therapies (Debranne Pattillio)
•Equine Behaviour and Horse Handling Skills (Chris Irwin)
•Equine Body Worker Level Two
•Equine Nutrition (Liz Warr Msc and Dr Catherine Dunnet PhD)
•Equine Biomechanics, Applied Anatomy and Gait Analysis (Dr Hilary Clayton DVM)
•Myofascial Release (Ruth Mitchell PT, ESMT, CMI)
•Principles of Saddle Fit and Farrier Science (Dr Kerry Ridgeway DVM)

Enlightened Equitation Teacher level 1 http://www.enlightenedequitation.com/teacher_findSCOT.htm

For the human:
DRU Yoga Teacher https://druyoga.com/yoga/what-is-dru-yoga
•Meridian Psychotherapy (School of Natural Health Sciences) http://naturalhealthcourses.com/
•Professional Relaxational Therapy (SNHS)
•Sports Psychology (SNHS)
•Emotional Freedom Technique (Meridian Therapy) (SNHS)
Hypnotherapy (Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Training) http://yorkshirehypnotherapytraining.co.uk/


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