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Equine Touch is a hands-on system of bodywork.  It consists of an organised series of gentle moves over the soft tissue, and works in a holistic way which means that the whole horse is addressed. It may have the effect of releasing tense muscles, reduce the pain spiral, assist in detoxification and lymphatic drainage by increasing circulation. It can be also used in conjunction with the training or rehabilitation of your horse, helping with the improvement of muscle tone and encouraging recovery from injury and muscle atrophy. My experiences show that ET can facilitate the horse’s innate ability to heal.

Through my work as a registered Equine Touch practitioner, I aim to enable greater athletic performance in the horse, working across all equestrian disciplines, and also to facilitate a more harmonious partnership between horse and rider. Equine Touch is a system of bodywork which addresses muscle tension, encouraging recovery from injury and promoting realignment and balance through the body.

I also run Equine Touch courses as a licensed instructor – I love helping horse owners feel empowered to help their own horses. I also work with those who wish to train to become a practitioner of Equine Touch. Get in touch for future dates!



I have trained with Equine Touch and do regular CPD.



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I do work with Mindfulness and horses too – I am a Positive Psychology Practitioner and mindfulness coach.



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