Becky Ferry

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I provide an equine barefoot trimming service; fully certified & insured with over six years experience. From trimming sound equines, transitions out of metal shoes to rehabilitation of damaged & poorly feet we are happy to consult & work with you. We use various hoof protection methods where appropriate (boots, glue on shoes, casts etc), consider the whole horse not just the feet & your trimming schedule & support is bespoke for you.

Alongside hoof care I provide other services; equine swimming, photonic therapy, acupressure, diet analysis & balancing, natural horsemanship ground & ridden coaching & problem solving & ‘last chance’ rehab livery on our track system for equines who are struggling to improve or looking at euthansia due to hoof issues.

I have a passion for Hoof & Whole Horse rehabilitation born from my own horse’s problems & after a number of years I decided to travel & study with the amazing Ida Hammer in Illinois to obtain certifcation as one of her professionals.

I look forward to working with you and your bare hooves & please, if you think you have exhausted all options for your equine get in touch as there may still be a rehabilitation route.


Mackinaw Dells 2 Whole Horse Trimming



Area Covered

County Durham
Tyne & Wear
North Yorkshire
May travel further if needed

Further Education

Lifelong student of the horse & the hoof.
Continual education with Ida at Mackinaw Dells including submission of horses worked on to ensure performance remains top standard.
Personally mentored by Pete Ramey for a number of horses & continue to study his work & attend his courses.
Short course study with AANCHP instructor in 2018.

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