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From a young age I have always loved horses, my Mother used to Show Jump in her younger years and encouraged me to do the same. My first pony was called Tempo, she was a Liver Chestnut Mare standing around 11.2 hands high, she had a large blaze and four white socks. I was 9 yrs old at the time and had not ridden much at all, but I loved it when my father would bring her to the house and walk with me around the lanes for what seemed endless hours. We where told that Tempo was a 7 years old but later found out she was only 3 yrs of age. This stuck in my mind from an early age to realise it takes time to let a horse develop and mature naturally. From there I left school at the age of 15 and went the Heather Hall in MEASHAM to do my Horse master’s stages 1,2 & 3 as it was then. I rode various horses and went to Chatsworth Hall to groom for one of my instructors where I spoke with Lucinda prior palmer and Captain Mark Philips, at the age of 16 i was in ore of everything around me. Once I qualified I went on to work for Louella Stud which was owned by Louis Masserella, who’s uncle was Ronnie Masserella led the British show jumpers to glory.  this was based near Abbey Lane  within Leicester  forest east. I cared for and rode Thoroughbred and Hanovarian Stallions which where on the stud books such as the beautiful Hanoverian Louella Inschallah and Another Hoarwithy TB at that time.

Time went on and I had my children and various careers, but my love for horses never disappeared. I had a number of youngsters which I began their journey  into ridden life, introducing my children to horsemanship as they grew.

The one main horse that changed my hole outlook was Ella the Mare in the heading picture, she wasn’t a pretty site when I went to view her one February morning, very underweight and very withdrawn. I had her on loan for two months before I even sat on her, then I purchased her and never looked back. She had so many issues it was like continuously peeling an onion, so many layers of anxiety and tension. I decided to embark into the world of clicker training where a whole new world awaited me, it opened my eyes to realise my horse had a voice. I wanted to help Ella as much as I could, this is where after a year I decided to get in touch with Laura Stickley who owns Centaur Equine Massage Training which is a registered training provider which has been accredited by the UK Rural Skills as an approved UK Rural Training School. I completed my modules, getting a credit and two Distinctions, this also included training days and completing 10 detailed case studies on different horses, then attending my final written and practical exam and passing to become a fully qualified Holistic Equine Massage Practitioner.

I’m Fully insured with Balens.


UK rural skill certificate – Holistic Equine Massage Practitionercert UKRS2019:21447Certificate of Achievement with Centaur Equine Massage Therapy


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Worcestershire Herefordshire Shropshire Parts of Gloucestershire

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Holistic Equine Massage TherapyPhotizo Infrared light therapyEpiony WandEpiony Heat PadFascia Edge ToolBehaviour Training

Horse Masters stages 1,2 & 3 obtained 1984

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