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Hello, I’m a holistic animal practitioner and a Barefoot advocate. I’m a human bodyworker and an animal healer. I also teach Mindfulness which is the foundation for body healing in my opinion.  I’ve had profound results helping both humans and non-human animals to release current and past physical and emotional pain, enabling clients to transition to a truly healed and thriving state of wellness.

I offer one to one consultations at your own home,  and run retreats in Handcross, West Sussex enabling you to learn these effective ways to help yourself and animals. These retreats are transformational days with the herd.


Mindfulness coach
Hawaiian healing therapist
Reiki for humans
Reiki for animals
Animal communication
Mindfulness with Animals retreats
Mindfulness with Animals consultations



Area Covered

South-east England
Skype consultations further afield
Retreats based in Handcross, West Sussex

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