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I am an Equine Reiki (energy healing) and Merishia massage therapist and use both of these therapies individually and together in a combined therapy. I have a passion for helping horses feel better in a totally holistic way – physically, psychologically and emotionally.

During my treatments I listen to the horse as much as possible and feed back what I pick up to the owner to help with their relationship with the horse – this may be emotional, psychological or physical. When handling horses I also communicate with them as much as possible with breathing, energy and telepathy, which they recognise and are comfortable with.

I am based in the south-east of England and cover Surrey, Sussex and Kent. I am very willing to travel further afield however if requested. Horses from all walks of life, retired family ponies to top-level dressage horses, can benefit from both Reiki and massage, so do get in touch if you would like to discuss how it could help your own horse, pony or donkey.”


“My mare, Cassie, is a highly-strung horse whose past history has made her easily upset and defensive. She is very talented and essentially a kind horse who tries very hard to please, so when Kate offered to treat her with Reiki I thought that it might at least be something that she would enjoy and would give her some relaxation. Cassie has now had several treatments with Kate and with each one she has become more open. The gradual release of tension, and mental and emotional blockages, has made her much softer and more relaxed physically, which has improved her performance and general way of going. It has also changed her behaviour in the yard and stable – she is much less defensive and less worried about other horses.”
Judith Smith


Equine Reiki 2 (Advanced) with Emma Simmons

Merishia Equine Massage with Jo Rose



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