Natasha Gallagher

: Greenhithe, Kent : 07455 189 201: NGallagherESMT@GMAIL.COM


I am a fully qualified insured Equine Sports Massage therapist. Trained by world renowned Mary Bromiley MBE.
My love for horses started as soon as I could walk and could run around the garden jumping and neighing!

After losing my last horse to an awful field injury I decided it was time to help them and turned my head to studying holistic therapies. My current horse has been a great teacher and so far we have dealt with ovarian tumours, skin conditions and now are on a barefoot journey due to her being diagnosed with navicular.


ITEC DIP. Anatomy and Physiology
ITEC DIP. Human Holistic Massage
ITEC DIP. Equine Sports Massage



Equine Sports Massage Association

Area Covered

Essex ( Kent border)

Further Education

Photizo Vetcare red light therapy
Intro to Holistic Saddle fitting
Advanced equine mobilisation and stretching
RVC CPD tendon and ligament strains and sprains


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