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I have had a passion for horses since I was born that’s all I ever really wanted to do, to be around horses. I was lucky that my parents finally gave in to my pestering at 10 years old and bought me my first pony. Since then horses are now just everyday life and life revolves round them. Like many I wanted to work with horses as a child, but my career pathway took me on journey of being a Dental Nurse and then training to be a Beauty and Complementary Therapist. I have lectured at Dumfries and Galloway College teaching Beauty and Complementary Therapies for the past 17 years. I love teaching holistic units such as Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Hot stone, Swedish Massage and Indian Head Massage techniques. I am very lucky that my job provides excellent opportunities for CPD and I have added many therapies to my portfolio including Sports Massage Thai Seated massage and Bowen Technique.

I have also been very lucky to be able to compete at Endurance riding for the past 26 years and have been addicted since my very first ride. My 2 Appaloosas (who are now retired) and my “didn’t make it to the track” Thoroughbred have taken me to the dizzy heights of competing up to the ultimate level of 160km in a day. Over the years I have competed all over the UK including Ireland. I have Ridden on the Scottish International Team on 3 occasions and was Scottish Champion back in 2003. Keeping horses sound and sane at this level takes a whole team approach from vet’s farriers physios and nutritionists. I felt that my horses gave so much to me that it was only fair to give something back and that was what ultimately led me on my Equine Touch journey. A friend of mine asked to use my horses as case studies when she was an Equine Touch student, I picked up on how it had similarities to the Bowen Technique I used on humans. I had seen amazing results using Bowen Technique, so not long after I enrolled on the Equine Touch Horse Lovers Route for horse owners. For many years I used this technique on my own horses and as you can see from their achievements my horses thrive on it. A few years later I decided to enrol on the Practitioner Route so that I could share this amazing modality with other horses so they could benefit too.

Finally, after lots of dedicated studying I qualified as an Equine Touch Practitioner at the start of 2019.  I had to undertake several written Theory and Equine Anatomy and Physiology Assessments along with a final essay then a total of 120 equine touch sessions are required including a final portfolio of 20 cases studies with detailed progression and history notes. During these sessions I was   able to work on a variety of horses, from Advanced Competition horses through to retired horses and everything in between even a couple of donkeys. I have learnt so much from all the horses I have had the opportunity to work upon.

My adventures since qualifying have taken me even further into the holistic horse world, I recent converted to Barefoot with my mare. This is a whole story for another time. But I can say alongside Equine Touch its one of the best discoveries I have made. Whatever way we choose to keep our horses we should all aspire to keep them as Happy, Healthy and as Naturally as we can that is my passion.

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The Equine Touch Practitioners Diploma April 2019


Member of The International Equine Touch Association (IETA)


Area Covered

Ayrshire & Aran
Dumfries & Galloway

Further Education

HND Beauty and Complementary Therapies.
TQFE in Further Education.
Bowen Technique.
Onsite Massage


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