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I became interested in horses at the age of 9 when I had to go with a friend and watch her have riding lessons after school. I earned my monthly riding lesson by doing things at home to help. I eventually became a helper at the yard and then worked at the weekends doing some yard dutied taking out hacks and eventually teaching, I really loved teaching I still have a passion to help and share information and ideas.

I have had lots of different types of experience under my belt with different ways of managing horses. I would have said I was fairly experienced with horses until a good friend of mine took me to a horsemanship demo. I found that this was a very big and positive influence with my own personal growth around horses it certainly stopped me in may tracks and made me think before doing around horses!!

I don’t confess to follow one type of discipline I like to watch and learn and seek what suits the horse im with at that moment I have become more intuitive and savvy around them and continue to learn.

I was asked to look after a couple of horses while a friend went on holiday one of the ponies was called Midnight  he had been rescued he was very nervous and hugely scepitical of humans, it is really down to this chap I started to look at body work and working with energy.

Midnight really hated being touched and would only tolerate having a groom, so I just hung out with him and I noticed a weird connection and everyone became very relaxed, Midnights  head relaxed and he closed his eyes breathing slower and deeper….I had to find out about this energy stuff.

Non contact he would just bliss out on…I think we all did! eventually  he seemed to enjoy the human contact more and more.

I met another therapist on my travels and this is where I came across EquineCranioSacral therapy the lady seemed to make a very light touch with the horse and the horse litrally unravelled under her light contact. This is where my passion lies, I signed up to Maureen Rogerses ECS courses and no looking back for me.

I have learned so much thorough the use of cranio sacral therapy it has taught me to hear watch listen, stay present and feel,  I love the way horses can release under my contact its such an honor to beable to help ffacilitate a safe enough environment for horses to unwind and let go.

Craniosacral therapy is teaching me so much about myself and how incredibale each and every body is able to unwind and rebalance its self its  just incrediable.


My aim is to be the horse voice by listening feeling and seeing what is happening for the horse through his body. Each of the sessions are tailored for the horse so if he needs to move he can or scrape the ground I shall allow it, as all of this behaviour is information for me and lets me know how the horse is doing and whats going on for him, he may need to walk shuffle about or he may just sleep and bliss out. I will ask about the horse in general and whats happening for him right now regarding feed routine  etc .

Body work is only one aspect of horse keeping, other influances affect the horses body so it good for me to question and get a big a picture as I can. I may suggest talking to a nutritionist  or the saddler, trimmer  to see what improvements we can make with the given circumstances.

seeing the horse walk and trot up before the session is really important to see how they are moving, whats looking good and what could change a little. I will allow the horse to be as comfortable as possible the idea of the session to to help the horse to release and let go wether physically or emotionally, some horses may need to be walked out in an arena because he has lots to let go of and its safer for him to walk and others in a stable loose or tied up.

Its great to walk the horse up after the session to see what changes have happened to his gait and posture im always amazed how much they change.  Photos are a great rescourcse too to see the before and afters. the session takes about an hour sometimes a little longer.

I use my experience and knowledge and instinct around horses I may need to bring in some reiki or balance procedure to help the session for the horse. I love to help owners to get involved with keeping and getting familiar with their horses body and mind on maybe a different level than the have looked at the before. After all you see them every day as a therapies we only see a snipit of how the horse is and as an owner you can have such a positive impact on your horse by getting involved and learning too.

Why My Balanced Equine?

Cranio will help all sorts of issues from stiffness to grumpiness, holding tension, releasing tension from accidents and pull backs, helps release soft tissue soreness and pressure from tight fitting tack, each bone in the horses head can be released from compression with huge impact on the rest of the horses going.

Reiki helps the horse release without contact if they need more space they can have it.

I take the whole horse in to consideration in his environment and see how we can bring some balance.

The balance procedure can help with environmental difficulties and bring energetic balance to the horse and human.

Less is more with body work I want to work with the horse on every level not just his physical tissues.

The session is for your horse he is allowed to have his say and voice, its about the hearing and the acknowledgment rather than the physical doing sometimes.

I feel that I bring a range of skills to help you and your horse move forwards


ECS 1,2,3,4
Reiki 1 an 2 human and animal
The Balance Procedure


UK Reiki Federation

IETA UK and Ireland

Fully insured by Balens

Area Covered


Further Education

Usui Reiki 2 treating animals and humans – Susan Mulcahy

The Equine Touch student levels 1,2,3

Equine Craniosacral – Maureen Rogers

The Balance Procedure Animals and Humans

Equine nutrition – university of Edinburgh Coursera

Healing for horses – Margrit Coates animal healing

Shamanic experience with Geoff Hutchison

Animal communication- Donna Nash

Epona quest – reawakening you authentic self

Keen interest in horsemanship and training in straightness from the ground

Keen interest in herbs and Homeopathy

Focused on Hoof Health – Debs Crosoer

Living Anatomy – Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust (Human)

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy – currently training finish in June 2017 (human)

NVQ level 2 horse riding care and management

BHS stage 1 and 2

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