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Masterson Method is a wonderful way of working with the horse to help him achieve an overall relaxation in the body. As horses are flight animals, they are experts at hiding pain and discomfort. Issues, such as one-sidedness, head-shaking and fidgeting when tacking up can all be indicators of muscle tension, often in more than one area of the body. For this reason, the method enables the horse to be investigated as a whole, rather than just focusing on one problem area. Given the right conditions, horses are natural self-healers and Masterson Method provides them with an opportunity to release tensions, while positively affecting their performance and general wellbeing.

Just a few of numerous benefits:

x General relaxation

x Increases blood flow to the tissues

x Improves flexibility

x Re-sets the body (including the deeper tissues/organs)

x Known to remove causes of ‘mystery lameness’

x The method does not require the use of any equipment, which may often frighten the horse and affect his ability to release tension


Masterson Method Certified Practitioner



Area Covered

Scotland and the North

Further Education

Biological Sciences (BSc)


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