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Barefoot Livery and Barefoot Rehab Services

We have a 500m multisurface Paddock Paradise system – great hacking – a floodlit Martin Collins sand and clopf manege – great woodland hacking – onsite supervision with barefoot management experience.

I got into barefoot four years ago when I took on an ex racer on. After two unsuccessful shoe-ings I decided to take the shoes off and see where the wind would take us.  Under the guidance of Lucy Priory and my vets we successfully transitioned this fella.

I then took my 2nd one BF.  We then went travelling with the horses for a year in France. I took care of their feet and during my travels I decided to re-focus my yard to offering barefoot services.  In Dec 2013 I rescued my little mare to rehab and fix her cracked, smelly, laminitic, under-run and high heeled feet back to their natural state.

I really enjoy seeing the horses respond to the treatment and the changes exercise and diet have on the feet, their personality and training.  It is a fascinating subject and one I enjoy helping people with as it can be a very lonely journey if you don’t have the support.

We are based in Maidenhead, Berkshire – Just off J-8/9 on the M4 – J5 on the M40 – great facilities and off road hacking.  We run regular clinics for barefoot trimming – jumping and dressage.  We are close to both the M4/M40 motorways making getting out to competitions easy.

Our main focus is to provide a barefoot friendly environment – offer support and experience to those who want to their horses to live in a more natural habitat and have the benefits of modern science and training!






Area Covered





(Borders of Herts – Wilts – Surrey)

Further Education

Hoofin Marvelous – trimming weekend x1

Barefoot south – training days x2

2 years of self management with AANHCP supervision

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