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I became a professional trimmer more by accident than design.  Due to limited provisions and professionals in southern Spain, and long before Google (!), I took my horses barefoot as I saw no care was better than the “care” they were receiving.

Studying the history of horse-shoeing, then papers by Pollitt and Clarke, my initiation was down the deep dark route of long scientific terminology.  I went on to learn about equine nutrition and optimum environments.

Soon realising that gaining certification in equine massage therapy went hand-in-hand with my now very healthy bare brood, I finally had the opportunity to attend a couple of courses to verify (or dispel!) what I was doing and hopefully learn more in regard to barefoot trimming.

My ethology includes not just keeping hooves naked and horses living as near to nature as we can provide, but also natural centred bitless riding.  I am a practitioner of the Whole Horse Protocol, because it isn´t just about the hoof.

The first competitive endurance rider in Spain to compete completely barefoot – and successfully so with many wins and Best Condition trophies in our barn – at 1* level.  Having now operated for over 12 years I have experience in all pathologies (but we never know what´s around the corner!), transitioning many unhappy feet, consigned to death in some cases, into bare foot beauties.


Whole Horse Protocol



Area Covered

From Tarifa to Malaga, for maintenance trimming.

I offer in-house transition for remedial work at our yard near Casares, which has all the necessary facilities to resolve any pathologies.

Further Education


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