North Yorkshire

Any UK based trimmer is welcome to be listed on this website.  The listing of trimmers on this site is neither approval nor recommendation.  It’s simply to provide you with a way to find information so you can make your own decision.

  • Beccy Smith

    Specialist Equine Consultant, Applied Equine Podiatrist and Holistic Therapist
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  • Becky Ferry

    © Copyright 2019 Becky Ferry
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  • Danny Kennedy

    © Copyright 2019 Danny Kennedy
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  • Debbie Glennan

    I cover Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and randomly a little bit of Cumbria and Lancshire
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  • Lucy Ewbank

    Lucy Ewbank

    I got involved in barefoot as I wanted to have a career around horses, but do something unique in my area which was becoming a barefoot trimmer, I find it rewarding seeing how much the horses hooves improve after each trim whether they've just come out of shoes or been barefoot all their lives.
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  • Ross Barker

    Over ten years experience working with barefoot horses Area covered - Lancashire, Yorkshire and the north of England.
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  • Steven Leigh

    Steven Leigh

    © Copyright 2015 Steven Leigh
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